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    Rusty Tweed has been involved in real estate transactions for the majority of his adult life, having purchased his first rental property in his hometown of Toronto, Canada, at the age of 22. He was able to acquire his second rental in Toronto a few years later. Rusty eventually relocated to Los Angeles, California in 1987, utilizing his passive income streams. Rusty began finding and flipping foreclosures shortly after settling in Southern California and had completed well over 30 real estate flips prior to the early 1990s recession.


    Rusty was exposed to the 1031 tax-deferred exchange concept in 2004. Rusty was working at the time with Del Exeter, a local CPA in Monrovia, California. Del introduced Rusty to his son Bill Exeter, who was the Exchange Division Head at Chicago Title Company. He immediately caught on with the assistance of Bill's knowledge, who masterfully guided Rusty through his 1031 Exchange deals.


    Rusty has served his clients in well over 100 property transactions since then. Rusty has successfully completed over $500 million in 1031 exchange contracts. Rusty's primary objective in his firm is to assist clients throughout the 1031 procedure.


    He and his organization are industry leaders in locating substitute property to compensate for the enormously appreciated sales figures. Rusty has transacted in multi-family, retail, NNN leases, commercial buildings, oil and gas leases, and raw land, among other types of investment property.

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    According to Rusty Tweed, if you're heading to the Central California coast for a vacation, there are many great places to dine.   These establishments are worth a visit, from small, family-owned restaurants to grand-scale resorts. We'll highlight our top picks in this article. Fresh seafood,...
    The best Central Coast restaurants, according to Rusty Tweed, are hidden away in old-world towns like the quaintly named Madonna Inn. While each room is unique, the bakery is particularly notable for its pink champagne cake. It's a decadent dessert layered with whipped cream and Bavarian cream...
    Robert ‘Rusty’ Tweed has shared multiple strategies for maintaining more energy throughout your day. As in any job, you’re only as successful as you are energetic. This means you will need to maintain your physical vitality and mental enthusiasm by practicing healthy life habits. The best way...
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