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The Central Coast's Top 5 Restaurants

There are many delicious options on the Central Coast, according to Rusty Tweed. You can eat at quaint, old-fashioned restaurants or at a new establishment that serves modern, innovative cuisine. Here are a few of our personal favorites: Cinnamon Rolls from the Old West: These delectable cinnamon rolls are dripping with icing that is impossible to resist. To go with your cinnamon rolls, order extra cream cheese icing! When people think of California, Santa Barbara is often the first place that comes to mind. Santa Barbara is also the southernmost town along the Pacific Coast Highway, despite its beauty. If you get hungry along the way, you can stop at one of these tasty restaurants.

Pismo Beach is known for its clam chowder and is a charming beach town. Pismo Beach is a great place to try fresh seafood, local wines, and great wine, and it's only 3 hours northwest of Los Angeles. You can even go a little crazy and try a few different restaurants at once! In addition to the aforementioned restaurants, Cracked Crab, a colorful, beachy eatery that serves excellent seafood, is a must-visit. Despite its small size, it has a comprehensive wine list and offers a wide selection of wines.

Another must-see is the Santa Maria BBQ Café. Hand-trimmed Angus certified tri-tip is served at this quaint barbecue joint, which uses a red oak pit. Apple-cucumber slaw and jalapenos are among the tasty sides that come with pit plates. If you're in a rush, the restaurant also provides take-out options. The tasty tri-tip is also available as a take-out option. Los Osos-Baywood Park: Rusty Tweed explained. Los Osos-Baytown-Baywood Park, a charming town on Highway 1, has a wide variety of seafood restaurants. The town faces the Morro Bay National Estuary, a calm inlet where birds and other wildlife hang out, and is located high above the beach and the ocean. The upscale beachfront restaurant is a wonderful place to dine al fresco while taking in the scenery.

Lark: Lark in Santa Barbara showcases the Central Coast's seasonal bounty. The restaurant's farm-to-table ethos and family-style approach make for a social as well as delicious dining experience. The courtyard seating is just as welcoming as the inside. Both refreshing and inviting, the fusion of style and cuisine. And if you're looking for a romantic date, there's no better place to go.

Ember: Despite its location in a glorified strip mall, Ember's cuisine is truly delectable. Other tasty dishes include kale and sausage pizza, avocado salad, and ahi tuna crudo, while cocktails are made with fresh, local ingredients. If you're visiting the Central Coast, the patio is a must-see.

Thomas Hill Organics: If you're looking for a modern farm-to-table restaurant, give Thomas Hill Organics a shot. Their artisanal dishes are made with locally sourced ingredients, and their wine list is stocked with regional favorites. The restaurant has an excellent wine list and a refined yet relaxed atmosphere. The bar has a good beer selection as well as an excellent selection of California wines.

Cavalier Coastal Kitchen, as per Rusty Tweed: This restaurant, which is part of the Cavalier Oceanfront Resort, serves breakfast, lunch, and dinner with panoramic ocean views. This restaurant, which is open seven days a week, is especially beautiful at sunset. The menu consists of hearty American fare that is especially popular among seafood fans. Here, Taco Tuesday is also 99 cents. The sunset is a great reason to eat here. You'll be glad you took the time to do so!


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